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Fanny de Chaillé (FR) Course de lenteur


Fanny de Chaillé (FR) Course de lenteur

competition performance
SU 16.09.2012 15:00

Be the slowest and win!

The Course de Lenteur is a test in slowness: a competition over a distance of 50 metres, for a large number of participants, on the street just before the Beursschouwburg. In these times of performance, competition, and productivity, artist Fanny de Chaillé goes for the opposite and crowns the loser instead of the winner!

This competition follows the standard rules, but the goal is the opposite: it is the last person (and therefore the slowest) that passes the finish who wins. Everyone can register (children and adults) and the rules are plain simple: the aim is always to be in movement, going forward, so standing still and moving backwards are strictly prohibited.

So slow ahead with the aim to reach the finish last. Good luck!

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