La Grosse Praline feat. Stereo Total (DE) Gay Pride Party


La Grosse Praline feat. Stereo Total (DE) Gay Pride Party

SA 18.05.2013 21:00

Ich liebe die Liebe zu dritt.

Mon Cul Ta Praline, the most opulent of the gay parties in Brussels, co-presents with Beursschouwburg La Grosse Praline on the occasion of the Pride Day 2013.We are extremely proud to announce the appearance of the Stereo Total band for this luxury item! The French-German duo is masterful in musical intelligent trash humour and has been world famous for some 19 years; from Japan to Mexico; from Russia to Canada … Sweet surrender to these slightly eccentric French songs and their cloyingly sweet refrains is inescapable. You’ll certainly know the band through their hits like “I love you, Ono” and ”L’amour à 3”. Stereo Total’s Françoise and Brezel are bringing their eleventh studio album with them to Brussels: Cactus versus Brezel. In addition to the legendary Stereo Total show there are also numerous DJ’s and activities which will make this evening the top party of the Pride Day 2013.


Fredster (France)
La Belette (Pologne)
Favela One VS KillYourValentine (Brésil VS Espagne)
Röze & Pascualino (Belgique)
and l'Atelier d'AntiGel

At La Tentation, 28, Rue de Laekensestraat - 1000 Bruxelles
In collaboration with Mon Cul Ta Praline

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