The Happy & The Herfsts CD release


The Happy & The Herfsts CD release

WE 03.04.2013 20:30


A love of vintage instruments and similarities in their record collections brought these five together. With Isolde Lasoen (DAAN), Reinhard Vanbergen (Das Pop), Charlotte Caluwaerts (the soprano, Elise Caluwaerts’, sister), Janne Vanneste (her brother, Brent, is Steak No. 8’s singer) and Naima Joris (a musician with the former Isbells), The Happy is the new all-star band.

Their single Walkman continues to buzz persistently through your head from the first time you hear it, just like your first kiss.

They’ll be presenting their latest cd Guilty Pleasure, fresh from the press, at the Beursschouwburg. Don’t miss it – the chances of seeing this band again in an intimate Brussels club are, in our humble opinion, extremely slim.

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line up The Happy:
Isolde Lasoen
Reinhard Vanbergen
Charlotte Caluwaerts
Naima Joris
Janne Vanneste

8:30 pm is the expected start time. The exact timing will be communicated the latest on the day of the concert.