Little Trouble Kids Haunted Night


Little Trouble Kids Haunted Night

album release
SA 22.03.2014 22:00

In 2014 the noisepop-duo Little Trouble Kids morphed into a trio. Their third long-player Haunted Hearts (which they manage themselves) was born following a single intense recording session: live on tape … in their own living room.

Haunted Hearts represents a huge leap out of deep grooves. A raw, sincere and deeply penetrating record by a band who, more than ever, is convinced of their DIY philosophy.

On Haunted Hearts the Kids are driven by the fragility and intensity of Chelsea Wolf and EMA and go on a night-time voodoo escapade with rhythms which allude to These New Puritans, The Birthday Party and even hip-hop!


During Little Trouble Kids’ Haunted Night, LTK not only present their third release but, together with their friends and associates, provide a total spectacle. With an exhibition, documentary screenings, DJ’s (NIXIE, Kid Glove Killers) and performances by Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire) and Micha Volders (El Guapo Stunt Team, Vermin Twins) they will immerse you in the Little Trouble Kids universe.