Creative Mornings Brussels
Creative Mornings: Christoph De Boeck
lecture breakfast
FR 16.12.2016 08:30

At CreativeMornings Brussels, Christoph will talk about working with sound in visual art and art-science projects, and about the platform he founded with Aernoudt Jacobs that facilitates the production of this kind of art.

Christoph De Boeck has studied English and Dutch and has a PhD in performing arts, from the University of Antwerp, where he researched topics such as performing arts and the political dimension, followed by sound art and sound in performing arts. Together with Aernoudt Jacobs, Christoph runs OVERTOON, a platform for sound art based in Brussels, which hosts residencies for sound artists and carries out research in issues related to sound.

Christoph creates installation work in which sound resides as an articulation of energy and transforms spaces by means of acoustic energy. Recently Christoph has focused on how stress or tension leaves acoustic marks on materials.