Debatten en Lezingen deBuren
Christ'l De Landtsheer & Jan Kuitenbrouwer Clash of the Titans
TU 12.06.2012 19:30

About politics, personality and language

In her book Clash der Titanen (Clash of the Titans) Professor of Political Communications Christ'l De Landtsheer (UA) analyzes the role of personality in Belgian politics.
Is it a coincidence that this research appears in an era of mediatised elections and crises? Is it illustrative of a political culture in which personality has become more important than reasoned opinions? A discussion between Christ'l De Landtsheer, Jan Kuitenbrouwer (De Woorden van Wilders en hoe ze werken) and Jan Blommaert (University of Ghent and Tilburg; De crisis van de democratie).

In Dutch