I Fail Good
Manah Depauw & Cathy Weyders La Wallifornie


Manah Depauw & Cathy Weyders La Wallifornie

FR 19.10.2012 20:30 premiere
FR 19.10.2012 22:00
SA 20.10.2012 20:30
SA 20.10.2012 22:00

‘Bye ‘Bye Flanders!

With La Wallifornie, theatre-maker Manah Depauw and visual artist Cathy Weyders go to work on 'the end of time "that the Mayas predicted would be December 21, 2012.
Except that she diverts the catastrophe to Belgium and turns the disaster into a community problem. After the fourth world war the Belgian treasury is so ransacked that incessant rain weakens then breaks the Flemish dykes. Flanders disappears and we're on a lifeboat to La Wallifornie ...

In English

Max. 40 persons/performance
An installation-performance by: Manah Depauw, Cathy Weyders
Production: Margarita Production
With the support of: STUK (BE), Vooruit (BE), Beursschouwburg (BE), Time's Up & Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie