Kaina [postponed]

Honey for your ears, warm layered lyrics, sounds to live in.

Kaina feels, searches and sings about her roots in soft, soulful sounds full of intention. Her parents moved from Guatemala and Venezuela to Kaina's birthplace of Chicago, USA. Apart from her close family, she grew up with no other kinship. As a teenager, singing and writing lyrics became a way to give form to her complex relationship with heritage and connection. This is how she found the rest of her "family" in Chicago's hot-blooded music scene: a network of artists and activists, including the musicians that she built a solid reputation with in the city's underground scene.

Together they are currently on their first world tour with Kaina's debut album Next To The Sun. Latin rhythms like salsa and bolero subtly radiate through the typical Chicago soul, R&B and blues. Kaina's clear voice adds a dreamy touch, sharing the pain and joy of her musical self-discovery with her audience.