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Situated in the vibrant heart of Brussels, the Beursschouwburg is an iconic arts and events venue featuring 3000 m2 of indoor and outdoor possibilities. Equipped with audio-visual facilities and backed by a dedicated team, it might be the ideal choice for your next event.

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available spaces

beurscafé, +0, capacity: 200 - 250 (standing)


golden space, +2, capacity: 133 (seated)


foyer, +2


meeting room,  +4, capacity: 30


red hall, +0, capacity: 100


rooftop, +5, capacity 5th floor: 178


rooftop bar, +5, capacity 5th floor: 178


silver space, +5, capacity 5th floor: 178


cinema, -1, capacity: 30 

technical riders with plan

beurscafé technical rider with plan

golden space technical rider with plan

silver space technical rider with plan