Ana Diaz ep release + GAYANCE + PLLOW


Ana Diaz ep release + GAYANCE + PLLOW

concert dj set
WE 18.09.2019 21:00

w/ Psst Mlle

21:00 PLLOW (dj set)
22:30 Ana Diaz live (beats by Iliona Roulin)
23:00 Gayance (dj set)

Ana Diaz is a Brussels-based singer and songwriter. She’s been around for quite a few years now, and she finally released her first ep and Psst Mlle is super thrilled to celebrate this special release. Influenced by her Spanish roots as well as soul music and RnB, Ana has a powerful voice. She already performed at one of our sessions at Kumiko, but this time she will surprise you with her new collaboration with talented producer Iliona and her French lyrics.

Gayance is pretty much a part of the Psst Mlle fam'. She's been playing at many of our events and it's always a huge turnup! Her dj sets are a cruise around the globe and across the styles, from UK garage to Detroit house and Caribbean Carnival tracks. She's back in Belgium for a little while so we couldn't have this session without her.

Co-founder of Bloom Hill, PLLOW is a DJ based in Brussels feeding herself with different musical influences with a taste for afro rhythms and percussions. After only 2 years of Djing, she can mention highlights like performing for AFROPUNK in Paris, Dour Festival, and The Lot Radio (NY, Brooklyn). She has chosen Pllow pronounced Pillow as her DJ name to refer to those fascinating songs she values because they will automatically lead you into euphoria.

Ana Diaz on Spotify
Gayance on Soundcloud