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Artist Talk Mallika Taneja & Arshia Ali Azmat


Artist Talk Mallika Taneja & Arshia Ali Azmat

TH 12.10.2023 21:45

After the performance Do You Know This Song?, Mallika Taneja will have an artist talk with Arshia Ali Azmat. 

On SA 14.10, Mallika invites you to join a workshop to explore voice and singing together. >>

Arshia Ali Azmat is a graphic designer, community organiser and researcher affiliated with VUB. Her artistic and graphic work focuses on linking personal and global histories through storytelling and archival explorations. She is also contributing to a research project on vacant spaces in the city and their transformation from temporary occupation sites to permanent social infrastructures.

MALLIKA TANEJA lives and works in New Delhi, India. In her performances, installations and curatorial works, she deals with questions of gender, solidarity, silence and memory. She is particularly interested in the political possibilities of a performative ensemble and the role that songs play in leaving and collecting traces of people, places and things. Her works and collaborative spaces include Be Careful, Allegedly, Rest of the Struggle and Women Walk at Midnight. She was awarded the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize for 'Be Careful' in 2015 and the ZKB Patronage Prize for 'Allegedly' in 2021 at Zürcher Theaterspektakel. In autumn 2021, Beursschouwburg produced and presented the digital version of her piece Allegedly live on Zoom.