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Graduation Films 2018 ST-LUKAS


Graduation Films 2018 ST-LUKAS

film screening
FR 14.09.2018 17:00

The ticket booth will be open all evening, starting at 4.30p.m. Tickets will be provided per film slot.



A Collection of Hours
Florinda Ciucio

A Collection of Hours provides a look into the cherry harvest of a Flemish fruit company. Each of the 70 Bulgarian workers is working a total of 324 hours, as this is the maximum of hours permitted by the federal legislation. The film focuses on the cycle of working, eating and sleeping that never seems to halt. The in between times seem merely a waiting room for the next part to start. The question rises if a form of poetics can be found in simply collecting these working hours. (24 min.)

Her Name Was 
Helena Dalemans

Her Name Was is an ode to my grandmother. The films tells the story of Ida, an old lady who wastes away in a retirement home. Her weakened muscles have forced her into a wheelchair, her bladder fails to warn her in time, her free will slips through her trembling hands as the caretakers make the decisions for her. Then one day she meets a new resident, Jef. He becomes her legs, her hands. Together they revolt against the retirement home, and break the routine that Ida’s been stuck in. (18 min.)



Bo Vloors

Morgen observes young individuals. An insight look which enters their microcosm and gives a glance at how they spend their time, together or in solitude. (15 min.)

Le pardon
Max Meyer

Le Pardon is a poetic-realistic coming-of-age film about the difficulties of two young people trying to let their amorous feelings bloom in the Antwerp fields, at a tire company and a neighbouring farm. The lovers find and reject each other. Their fledgling love is driven by a promise to be faithful to each other yet threatened by the many temptations of the world and burdened by the strenuous effort to forgive. (13 min.)

+6 Gain
Jorn Plucienniczak

Two young men try to deal with the monotony of their suburb. Their urge to escape from its silence is answered with the invisible presence of Gabber. They end up searching for the core of their desire. (23 min.)


Perfect Moment
Matthew Noydens 

Dirk Postelmans has it all: a happy marriage, a beautiful teenage daughter, and a successful career as veterinarian. His life seems perfect. But in order to avoid the bad luck that he believes for sure is coming, Dirk decides to request the expert assistance of a suicide instructor. She will guide him through the process of his own suicide. (25 min.)

Meli Melo
Julian Wolf

Meli Melo paints a portrait of a mixed group of young friends in the big city. Stuck in a daily routine of hanging out, they talk more about their future than they actually work for it. Each individual struggles with a search for identity, ambitions and a place in modern society. (19 min.)


Andrea Alexandridis 

Mushkila searches for shared affinities between female asylum seekers coming from different cultures and having no language in common. More specifically, it portrays the women’s quarters in a refugee centre. A place where, without any real home nor blood ties, a family takes shape, in whatever form. (23 min.)

Mars, Oman
Vanessa del Campo

Astronauts in the desert of Oman. Or is it Mars? Bedouins, spaceships, desertships, two young girls passionate about space, and a lost film director reflecting on decisions and fears in this big Universe, and on the relation between exploration, nomadism and freedom. (19 min.)

The Blue Rose 
Arno Ringoet

The blue rose is desired for its beauty and despised for its thorn. In pursuit of its beauty, a young man meets a motorcyclist and a talking cat? All three of them want the rose for the same reason. The trio’s musings turn into a quarrel that ends up into a fight. The cat steals the rose. The young man pursues her in the dark garden. There, the true meaning of the flower gets revealed. (15 min.)


Les soldats morts-vivants 
Marnik A. Boekaerts

Les soldats morts-vivants frames a portrait of several soldiers on the very edge of reality and imagination. In a timeless space, they relive a part of history, and in doing so create their own. (16 min.)

Une nuit capricieuse
Raymond Backus

High above Brussels, just after the sun has set, we are pulled down into the dark, we end up in the park of Laken. Here, 60 years ago, the world fair of 1958 took place, one of the most memorable moments in Belgian history. Now, on-site, we are taken on a journey along disappeared buildings and hidden scenes in the dark. (16 min.)

Resident Alien 
Mira Matthew

A man spends his days fighting a gritty battle against an invasion of non-indigenous plants that begin to take hold and spread across the mountainside of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. This Sisyphean struggle has grown into an obsession in the heart of the man. His battle strategies and personal philosophies collide as the plants begin to find their own voices in his interior world and start to invade his dreams. In South Africa we call these plants Aliens. Some of us call ourselves aliens too. (22 min.)