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AFTERTALK with Ogutu Muraya & Quinsy Gario

performance conversations

AFTERTALK with Ogutu Muraya & Quinsy Gario

performance conversations
FR 18.09.2020 21:30

Artist talk with Ogutu Muraya (via Skype) and Quinsy Gario, after Quinsy’s reading-performance of Ogutu’s 'On Thin Ice'.

About Ogutu Muraya
Ogutu Muraya is a writer and theatre-maker whose work is embedded in the practice of orature. He studied International Relations at USIU-Africa and graduated in 2016 with a Master in Arts at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. His performative works and storytelling have featured in theatres and festivals across different countries. On Thin Ice marks a return of Ogutu’s work to Beursschouwburg, the artist having previously presented here in 2017 (Because I always feel like running) and in 2018 (Fractured Memories).

About Quinsy Gario
Quinsy Gario is an activist as well as a visual and performance artist from the Dutch Caribbean. His most well-known work, Zwarte Piet Is Racisme (2011–2012), critiqued the general knowledge surrounding the racist Dutch figure Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) and. Quinsy has an academic background in Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies and is a graduate of the Master Artistic Research programme at The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art.

About Eric Cyuzuzo (moderator)
Eric Cyuzuzo is a thinker, a fighter, an interrogator in a perpetual learning process. His creativity expresses itself through imagining, building and organizing platforms that are going to showcase and elevate the narratives of Black people at the intersection of their multiple identities. He believes in a dual approach: he has founded and works within grassroots organizations, and also currently works for several cultural organizations in Brussels. 


Diary, personal archive. Beautiful, complex, painful. Brussels-based performer Quinsy Gario reads excerpts from Ogutu Muraya’s book on the challenges of his diasporic experience.
FR 18.09 20:00 
SA 19.09 20:00  
SU 20.09 18:00
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