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Apología/Antología: Video Itineraries through the Spanish Context


Apología/Antología: Video Itineraries through the Spanish Context

film screening workshop
WE 28.09.2016 16:00
WE 28.09.2016 20:30

Apología/Antología: Video Itineraries through the Spanish Context arises from the need to make accessible and, above all, readable the audiovisual artistic creation from the Spain.

The edition, in different formats, comes to remedy the lack of a retrospective publication that meets prominent productions of practices in this country. Apología/Antología is available in two formats: a DVDbox with 5 dvd accompanied by a booklet and an online platform. The online platform contains 250 works freely accessible works of experimental moving image by Spanish artists and filmmakers. The result is a diverse overview of audiovisual artistic production across Spain, intended to facilitate knowledge, research, teaching and distribution.

The presentation of this ambitious project at Beursschouwburg will take the form of a workshop, and a screening aimed at sharing the challenges that an anthological project is bound to and the strategies that were set up in order to face them.

Software decisions of making an online viewing platform

Workshop conduced by Nicolás Malavé and Michael Murtaugh

Michael Murtaugh designs and researches community databases, interactive documentary, and tools for new forms of reading and writing online, and teaches at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

During this workshop, we will take the Apología/Antología platform as a starting point to discuss the various questions one encounters when publishing a large series of video works on the net. We will explain the various philosophical and technical choices we have made and focus particularly on three main topics: the material and technical constraints, the classification of a large set of videos, and the possibilities opened by algorithmic techniques to navigate differently the Apología/Antología database. We would like the workshop to be a moment of discussion as well as a moment of practical experimentation. If possible, please bring a laptop with you.

Public presentation Apología/Antología

Conduced by Eli Lloveras and Anna Manubens

Eli Lloveras, a graduate in Fine Arts, has been one of the four members of YProductions, a cultural production company that has worked in culture-related production, management research and training. Over the years, she has worked in the following areas: artistic production, the culture economy, cultural work, research into culture, cultural reviews, cultural policies and innovation in culture. All of these topics have been discussed in debate symposiums such as Estrategas in Barcelona, editorial projects like Producta50 or Innovación en Cultura (2009, ed. Dream Traffickers), audiovisuals projects like Bastante Tengo Conmigo Mismo and working structures like the platform for the dissemination and distribution of the HAMACA video, a project that she has directed since 2009.

Screening program Camilo and Ocaña

Curated by Alberto García del Castillo

A program comprised of two videos by Video-Nou, a Barcelona-based libertarian collective that practiced a revolutionary appropriation of audio-visual media. Actuació d’Ocaña i Camilo (1977) is a portrait of Andalusian, anarchist, artist, thespian and cross-dresser Ocaña, her best-friend Camilo, the underground cartoonist Nazario and more friends performing, making themselves up, touching each other and hanging out together. Ocaña. Exposició a la Galería Mec-Mec (1977) is a report by Ocaña of her exhibition at Mec-Mec gallery; he sings, dances and recites poetry in the company of Camilo, the camera operator and others. These videos are accompanied by the reading of a selection of passages containing Esther Newton’s vivid and loving portrayals of her friends Tiger, Billy, Tris, Godiva, Lola, Jim, Jean, Dodi Turner, Bo Sutter, Wanda, Jane, Judy, Gus, Tim, Bonnie and others in her essay Mother Camp: Female Impersonators in America (1972).

90 min

►16:00 to 19:00 Software decisions of making an online viewing platform Workshop conduced by Nicolás Malevé
►20:30 to 21:00 Public presentation Apología/Antología conduced by Eli Lloveras, Anna Manubens
► 21:00 to 22:30 Screening program Camilo and Ocaña curated by Alberto García del Castillo

Idea: Eli Lloveras (Hamaca) & Anna Manubens
Curators: Gonzalo de Pedro, Eugeni Bonet, Fito Rodríguez, Neus Miró
Web concept and design: Nicolas Malevé & Edu Martinez Piracés
DVD production and design: Cameo & Xabi Martínez de Arbulo
A/A is the result of a colllaboration between Hamaca, Tabakalera Centro Internacional de Cultura contemporánea and EHU – UPV
With the support of: AC/E, Generalitat de CatalunyA, Ministerio de Cultura and Hangar.

► Apología/Antología started as the initiative of Eli Lloveras (director of Hamaca) Anna Manubens (independent curator) and Nicolas Malevé (artist, free software programmer and 'data activist’) which developed thanks to a collaboration between Hamaca, Tabakalera, UPV/EHU and CAMEO and the selection of contents by an editorial team formed by Aimar Arriola, Eugeni Bonet, Gonzalo de Pedro, Neus Miró and Fito Rodríguez.

► Nicolas Malevé is a visual artist, computer programmer, and data activist who lives and works between Brussels and London. MConstant is a non-profit, artist-run organization based in Brussels since 1997 and active in the fields of art, media, and technology. The artistic practice of Constant is interdisciplinary and inspired by many themes such as collaborative work, technological innovation, pipelined networks, software infrastructures, data-exchange, algorithms, experimental archives, new forms of (re)presentations, copyright alternatives, (cyber)feminism, and the ethics of the web.

► Curator and writer Alberto García del Castillo composed this program from the video archive of Apología/Antología. Alberto writes and curates about communitarian, feminist and queer matters; Alberto’s last publications are: Merman (with Steev Lemercier, upcoming), “Oslo” (with Lars Laumann, in Girls Like Us magazine, 2016), Midpoint (with Laurie Charles, Louise Osieka and Marnie Slater, 2016) and Retrospective (2014); Alberto also recently co-curated the arts festival La Kermesse héroïque (with Louise Osieka, 2016), the symposium Pollination. Pansies. (2015) and is the co-curator the arts platform Buenos Tiempos, Int. (with Marnie Slater, founded in 2014).

► Anna Manubens was recently appointed Head of Public Programmes at CAPC musée d’art contemporising in Bordeaux. She previously worked as a freelance curator, writer and producer. From 2013 to 2016 she lived between Barcelona and Brussels where she worked for the artist-run organisation Auguste Orts, dedicated to the production of, and thinking around artists’ films. Her recent curatorial projects include: When you Fall Into a Trance (La Loge, Brussels, 2014), Moving Image Contours, co-curated with Soledad Gutiérrez, (Tabakalera, San Sebastián, 2015), Hacer cuerpo con la máquina: Joachim Koester, (Blue Project Foundation, Barcelona, 2016) and Visceral Blue (La Capella; Barcelona, 2016). She was associate professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) from 2013 to 2016 and was formerly artistic director of LOOP Festival for the editions of 2011 and 2012.

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