Mittland och Leo & Dennis Tyfus / Vom Grill


Mittland och Leo & Dennis Tyfus / Vom Grill

concert extra muros
SU 26.04.2015 16:00

Sunday will provide the best of what the Antwerp scene has to offer. The day starts with beautiful melancholic tunes and some fresh energy. Imagine; the future is neon purple and sunglasses are a non-stop necessity, you stretch your legs and dance slowly to a classy echo of teenage suicidal madness. No vocals, just beautiful burning exotic tunes. As night falls, prepare yourself; it’s loud. Vom Grill introduces you to the world of electronic abstract noise music. Expect extreme volume, distortion and improvisation: a cacophony. Don’t expect use of melody, harmony or rhythm. Best described as a blurry midlife crisis, for all children of the revolution.

Mittland och Leo

Mittland och Leo is an instrumental synthduo formed by Antwerp artists Joke Leonare and Milan Warmoeskerken. They gained instant underground success thanks to some lauded live performances in their hometown. Mittland och Leo puts psychedelic organpop and atonal synth weirdness on top of a minimal beat cake like sensualizing cherries: taste the memory of a perfect summer long gone. Joke Leonare Desmet (BE, 1989) is a multitasker. Graduated as a graphic designer at the Sint Lucas Academy Antwerp in 2010, she has an utterly diverse practise: occasional-musician, graphic designer, scenographer and co-runner of her own label called Jj funhouse. Her partner in crime Milan Warmoeskerken (BE, 1991) is a multi-instrumentalist. After his Jazz studies at the Antwerp Conservatorium he started to play in different bands such as Condor Gruppe, Flying Horseman and Blackie & The Oohoos. Solo he prefers his (analog) synthesizers.

Dennis Tyfus / Vom Grill

Dennis Tyfus / Vom Grill is heavily influenced by electro-acoustic awareness, mid 80's strobes, back-and-forth stereo holla, spiked metal logos and space age monkey brains. Like meeting a cat in a thunderstorm thinking about suicide. Most of the Vom Grill’s tracks are created out of sheer luck with one goal: never kisses the asses of the masses. Dennis Tyfus (BE, 1979) lives and works in Antwerp and sometimes in Blankenberge. Described as a rebel, local hero of the Antwerp art scene and an artistic all-rounder, Dennis is not concerned with art let alone with the art world. Instead he prefers his atelier and his tiny artist space Stadslimiet where he coordinates numerous activities that are vital for him, including a radio show. Tyfus is the brain behind the Ultra Eczema label, visual artist and a cultural phenomenon.

© Dennis Tyfus - Vom Grill
© Dennis Tyfus - Vom Grill

The Stage at Art Brussels
Brussels Expo (Heysel)
Place de Belgique 1
1020 Brussels

Free for Subbacultcha! Members
(Tickets available from April 1st at box office Beursschouwburg)