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Marinella Senatore


Marinella Senatore

single screening
TH 27.11.2014 20:30

Marinella Senatore (Italy, 1977) lives and works in London and Berlin. Her practice is characterized by public participation. The idea is to foster the creative power of a crowd, initiating a dialogue between history, culture and social structures. Senatore’s work is to be experienced by everyone, inviting us to create a participative work in which everybody can play a role. She works with video, installations, performance, photographs and drawings, where the role of artist as author and public as recipient can be rewritten.
Her work, Rosas (2012) an Opera for the screen, involved 20.000 citizens in Germany, Spain and UK. In 2013, Senatore founded The School of Narrative Dance, a nomadic, free of charge school, focused on storytelling, based on didactic systems fostering the emancipation of the student and activating processes of self-cultivation.
In 2014 she launched at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Estman Radio, an ongoing free podcast radio.

Senatore will present following videos and have a talk with Art Brussels curator Katarina Gregos.

► Nui Simu, 2010, 16 mins

► Variations, 2011, 21 mins

► The School of Narrative Dance, 2012-ongoing, 25 mins

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With: Art Brussels
Studio Marinella Senatore & MOT International