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B-SWAP: An Artistic Identity Swap by Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines
Fré Werbrouck / Cie D’ici Phasme, Variations sur l’immobile


Fré Werbrouck / Cie D’ici Phasme, Variations sur l’immobile

SA 22.04.2017 19:30

Inspired by a series of painting by Michaël Borremans, troubling, moving images emerge from Phasme, opening up a space without imposing a rethoric.

A sensitive and poetical evocation of "passion" in the first sense of the word, as suffering and vital intensity, a stupendous moment, Incendie presents an elevation/disappearance of bodies, figured by the blazing of a swarms of shirts. Like in all her other works, Frédérique Chauveaux invites us to unreservedly associate the elements we want as she refuses to give a strict interpretation that would somewhat limit the suggestive and imaginary scope of her work. One of the key axes of her researches consists in projecting images onto objects. Chosen for their ergonomic and semantic functions, these objects transform into supports/screens. Her installations merge two modes of representation: the physical object and its image. Here, the viewer grasps the real space and representation in one same glance. Interfering in the psychic space of the latter, the mechanism disrupts her perception, thus attempting to let in another presence.