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B-SWAP: An Artistic Identity Swap by Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines
BXL-SWAP (city game)

BXL-SWAP (city game)

23 MAR — 19 APR 2017

Swap your plant, house or lover!

In a bid to penetrate the ‘impenetrable other’, #Beursschouwburg and Les #Brigittines are organising a BXL-swap #game. It's a big city game in which people adopt someone else’s identity for a short or longer period of time.

The goal of this city game is to shift your personal bounderies by swapping something that's precious to you! We invite you to swap something with a stranger. Swap "as far, as strong, as risky, as rock'n'rolly" as possible!!

Beursschouwburg & Les Brigittines have turned swapping into a game and invite all the locals to get involved, and swap identities. There are, of course, different levels. You can take on small pieces of a person's identity (of a book or a subscription to a newspaper), in order to gain some idea of what the other is about. Or you can take it to extremes and, for a short or long period of time, you can swap jobs, roles, or even partners or houses. See all categories via!

The games takes place between March 23 and the April 19.

Register until April 14.



In the framework of B-SWAP, an artistic identity swap between Beursschouwburg and Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement. Between April 19 & 22, Beursschouwburg will be moving to Les Brigittines and vice versa! This artistic identity swap contains an artistic programme and a city game in which others are invited to swap as well. Swap it!