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Carolina Maciel de França


Carolina Maciel de França


Carolina Maciel de França (1986) is an author, consultant, moderator and maker. She was born in Pernambuco (Brazil), lived in the Netherlands and graduated in Antwerp as a literary translator. Through the intercultural organisation Kif Kif she ended up in the Flemish theatre world. In 2019 she graduated from the cultural leadership programme LinC Lage Landen and started her own multidisciplinary art practice. She wrote several essays (for Etcetera, rekto:verso, Brainwash and Ecopolis, among others), was moderator for dozens of on- and offline conversations and still likes to experiment with writing forms. Since 2020 Carolina has also been a guest lecturer at KASK drama. During her residency she works on her first performance The Hero's Journey of Anastácia that will be presented Beursschouwburg in fall 2022.

The Hero's Journey of Anastácia

A young writer who was born in Brazil and grew up in the Low Lands returns to her country of origin in search of hard facts around her mythical youth heroine, the Sacred Anastácia. What she finds from this new grown-up perspective exceeds her wildest dreams. From her new point of view, Carolina discovers that the image and story of the African Bantu princess worshipped in Brazil for her resistance against the colonial powers, could also be interpreted as a double agents upholding the oppressive system. She wanders between mythical sagas and non-binary images, burnt archives and hidden actors, wondering whether her heroine is still a hero.