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Castélie Yalombo Lilonge Water, l’atterrée des eaux vives


Castélie Yalombo Lilonge Water, l’atterrée des eaux vives

It Takes a City festival performance
FR 09.02 18:00
SA 10.02 18:00

A performance that evokes the difficult ambivalence of bodies caught in a vice of frictions and tensions that occur between categories of belonging.

'Does my body belong to me?' This is the question Castélie Yalombo asks. She sees histories projected on it that she hasn’t lived but resemble her. Forms of the people of the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa, and Europe appear to her and then vanish. Between phantom and incarnation, she stands among them, navigating blended waters in an open ship filled with slippery identities. 

'Water, l’atterrée des eaux vives' is a performance that aims to express a mixed poetic in which the concepts of (un-)belonging and identity are regularly infused with the tension of double meanings, by the multiplicity of layers of being. This poetic traces the course of water in the complex mesh of personal and official history and, more generally, traces a way of being in the duality inherent to modern thought.  

Yalombo visits narratives, memories, territories where her body is played out, as if suspended between the gaze of the spectators and her own subjectivity. Her body, this object that reveals, despite herself, stories of domination, displacement, exile, and hope. The ceramics installation and sound scape intervene as partners on the stage, ensuring the torrential resonance of the fragile and violent magma of identity.   

language | French - translation in Dutch and English
duration | 60 min.


Castélie Yalombo Lilonge, is a Spanish-Belgian-Congolese artist, born and living in Brussels. Her artistic practice is situated at the intersection of choreography, installation, and poetic speech and questions the status of collective identity, otherness, and relationships, as well as the subject/object status of the body.


choreography | Castélie Yalombo
music | Loucka Ellie Fiagan
sound spatialisation | Lucie Grésil
ceramics, scenography | Sophie Farza
dramaturgy | Jean Lesca
clown coach | Anna Kuch
choregraphic support | Anja Röttgerkamp
production and distribution | ama brussels - France Morin, Clara Schmitt in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats
co-production | Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Charleroi danse, Atelier 210, KWPKunstenwerkplaats, Rising Horses–Louise Vanneste
with the support of | Kunstencentrum BUDA, KWP Kunstenwerkplaats, Studio EtangsNoirs, Rising Horses, Les Brigittines, workspacebrussels, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles–Service général de la Création artistique, VGC, Wallonie-Bruxelles International 
image | Jonas Verbeke