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cinema Black(s) to the Future

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In a cycle of three looped screenings accompanied by a Saturday afternoon conversation, the cinema programme explores the traces of the colonial gaze in archival images that both hold and withhold violent histories and intimate memories.



From films featuring the use of archival images, this film program aims to question what we recognize or not as the representation of colonial violence. How to represent these images of archives and colonial histories that carry within them both the violence of history, of the capture and erasure from which they originate, and of the intimate and collective memories of which they are still sometimes the biased vessels. How do we tell these stories, both with and without these images? With because the relegation to oblivion is sometimes a double sentence, for those who have crossed history on their surfaces. And without to get rid of a memory whose traces carry and perpetuate the look of the colonizer. The films presented develop different visual and narrative strategies to undo these images and search for the stories they carry or hide.


This programme is put together by Nicolas Pirus from the Black(s) to the Future collective who are exhibiting at Beursschouwburg until the 21st of May 2023.