Daisy Darkpark + Loverman


Daisy Darkpark + Loverman

dj set
FR 16.12.2022 18:00

Come sip some hot drinks, come dance on our doorstep. 

A mythical evening is here for you.

Free (yay!) and hot drinks (from 17:00),
music by Daisy Darkpark & Loverman on our doorstep (from 18:00 till 20:00),
a late night expo vist (till 23:00),
and a performance with bad ideas, ugly feelings and guilty pleasures (at 20:30).

See you there!


Daisy Darkpark is the music-producing second self of Belgian multi-media experimentalist Femke Fredrix. Her sonic world is inspired by her love for clubbing, cabaret and dub music.

Loverman aka Scouse Jimmy  plays the drums and piano. He is no mean singer either and his favourite pizza topping is “Margarita”. Watch the space for the “Low Down” on Jimmy’s LIPA smacking antics.