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Desire Marea + Laryssa Kim


Desire Marea + Laryssa Kim

TH 19.10.2023 20:00

Spiritual healer, electronic music performer – what's the difference again?

20:00 Doors 
20:30 Laryssa Kim 
21:45 Desire Marea 

Desire Marea
Desire Marea travels through a multitude of identities, creating a sincere dialogue between the erotic and the spiritual. After a time with beloved Joburg collective FAKA, the generous performer has been travelling solo through a large range of electronic genres. Desire Marea explores what love and loss mean today, their voice becoming a mouthpiece for a chorus of spirits and entities. It's the result of two years of training as a Sangoma, a traditional Nguni spiritual healer whose own spirit becomes a medium for others through trance, primal chants and drums. Meanwhile, Desire Marea has worked with prominent South African musicians in the experimental jazz scene, such as Sibusiso Mashiloane, Sbu Zondi, Portia Sibiya, Andrei Van Wyk and Sanele Ngubane. Their latest album On the Romance of Being was recorded live with as many as 13 musicians, with many songs recorded in a single take. As such, the album exudes the collective, ceremonial and healing qualities of music. This is ancestral renewal in action.


Laryssa Kim
Singer, composer and performer Laryssa Kim builds resounding dream worlds with the various building blocks of her personal and artistic identity. Born in Rome with Congolese roots, a graduate from Mons in acousmatic composition, she's based in Brussels since 2013 to rhyme her near-academic (and multilingual) investigative compositions with intuitive soul connecting heaven and earth. She brings these simultaneously personal and universal creations to festivals, theatres, residencies and every other imaginable stage with the natural grace of a rising star - you know, that twinkling celestial body you see at night. Her last release was an instrumental EP with a meditative soundtrack for a theatre play. Around the same time, Laryssa Kim began sharing her own fave tracks as DJ Kym Mbémbé. Whatever she plays tonight, you can count on some spiritual healing.


image Desire Marea by Izzie Austin 
image Laryssa Kim by Pauline Colleu