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Ulrich Grossenbacher (CH) Messies, ein schönes chaos


Ulrich Grossenbacher (CH) Messies, ein schönes chaos

film screening
TU 17.04.2012 20:30

Total chaos: a closer look at collection mania.

In this tragicomic documentary, cinematographer Ulrich Grossenbacher shepherds us through the lives of four people who are suffering from a bewildering collection mania; some of them are inventive do-it-yourselfers with invaluable archives, while others just dump everything round about them without a second glance. Alas, their (pathological) passion cannot always be reconciled with their family members, neighbours and institutions. The key question in Grossenbacher’s film is: to what extent do they manage their chaos themselves or does the chaos overpower them? Messies, ein schönes chaos does not judge or sentence but presents a penetrating picture of a fascinating phenomenon.

Subtitles in English

In Swiss-German

CH, 2011, 117’
QNA with editor in chief Gie Goris of Mo* Magazine and the film makers.