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Ilian Metev (BG) Sofia’s Last Ambulance


Ilian Metev (BG) Sofia’s Last Ambulance

TU 05.03.2013 20:30

A fierce critique against the failing health care in Bulgaria.

Since Sofia’s Last Ambulance premiered at the filmfestival in Cannes last may it has amassed numerous awards. The title is mildly misleading since there are at least 15 ambulances in use in the Bulgarian capital. But with a population spanning two million people this quickly seems but a drop in the ocean. The strength of this film lies in the interaction between the experienced dr. Krassi, the outgoing nurse Mila and the driver with nerves of steel, Plamen. With several little dashboardcamera’s director Ilian Metev captures this chainsmoking trio on hellish and bumpy rides from one patient to the next. A fierce critique against the failing medical care in Bulgaria.

Subtitles in English

In Bulgarian

BG, 2012, 75’
Sutor Kolonko Germany, IA Productions Bulgaria, Films Boutique