Dope Saint Jude + Laryssa Kim


Dope Saint Jude + Laryssa Kim

TH 09.05.2019 20:00

Queer hip hop like grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll!

Rapper and producer Dope Saint Jude is probably one of the loudest voices of the queer community today. Born in Cape Town as Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius, she started out performing in 2011 as the drag king Saint Dude. From there she rolled into music production and started rapping under the name Dope Saint Jude. As a queer-identifying woman of colour she was one of the few within the world of hip hop to raise awareness of queerness and gender fluidity. Her second EP “Resilient” combines early M.I.A vibes with London garage ferocity. Her live performances are rumoured to be just as lit.

20:00 doors 
20:30 Laryssa Kim 
21:30 Dope Saint Jude