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FRoNTAL presents La Base & Tru Comers - LE 77 - Zwangere Guy


FRoNTAL presents La Base & Tru Comers - LE 77 - Zwangere Guy

SA 25.02.2017 22:00

FRONTAL is a young Brussels based label, co founded by BXL hiphop crew STIKSTOF. Over these last few months we've been doing a shitload of events in Brussels and this one is the last, yet biggest, of a serie. We got the whole Beursschouwburg venue for ourselves, so we're taking it up a notch !


La Base & Tru Comers are 5 MC's and 2 producers who grew up in Biel, Switserland. Their unique flow over fresh sounding old skool beats makes it a straight combo. On their latest single 'Que le début' they show us they got a lot more coming. They don't come to Belgium that often, so they will make sure to leave their footprint.

■ LE 77

LE 77 consists of 4 bawlerz: Peet, Félé Flingue, Morgan & Rayan. They all live together and their fisrt EP 'C'est le 77' shows they've been cookin up some heat in the basement.


FRoNTAL member who is currently pregnant.

■ DJ Vega

FRoNTAL DJ, Stikstof

■ DJ Proceed

FRoNTAL DJ, Bunker, End of the Weak