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Gabber Modus Operandi + Orphan Swords


Gabber Modus Operandi + Orphan Swords

TU 08.10.2019 20:00

200 bpm fusion of gabber footwork and Indonesian voodoo


Gabber Modus Operandi is the musical lovechild of DJ Kasimyn and MC Ican Harem. The duo combines dark gabber and footwork with funkot percussion and almost-ritualistic jathilan voodoo from their home country of Indonesia. GMO’s fusion of ‘the sacred, the stupid and the fun’ promises to echo in the ears of Brussels clubbers for a long time to come: this volcanic 200-bpm whirlwind of unusual combinations has already left famed venues such as Berghain in flames.

+ Orphan Swords
Raw yet sophisticated and seriously danceable live techno.

An industrial post-wave heart to pump trance through the veins of a (frenzied) dancing audience: on ‘Ascent’ – Orphan Swords’ first LP – the dark duo of Pierre de Mûelenaere and Yannick Franck combines almost meditative soundscapes with sophisticated rave techno. Caution: Orphan Swords’ live acts may cause the most exquisite heart palpitations.