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Goda Palekaitė Eye Dust


Goda Palekaitė Eye Dust

21 SEP — 16 DEC 2023

An Adaptation of a Novel to Come.

Opening Hours
Mo – Fr 10:00 – 18:00
Sa 13:00 – 18:00

This exhibition is a prelude to a novel in the making, where Goda Palekaitė uses fiction as a tool to approach history through the lens of imagined intimacies.

In an uncanny bedroom, characters hailing from remote times and places form a ghostly alliance of unsung voices: a poet and courtisane from XVI century Venice, an activist for sex workers’ rights in the 1970s, a Khazar princess, Saints in ecstasy, animals starring in a horror movie.

Based on long-term research and taking/finding shape as/in text, sound and video installations, this exhibition proposes an affective, subjective and intimate relationship with history.


Special thanks to artistic collaborators Adomas Palekas and Adrijana Gvozdenović. 
The exhibition was designed and installed with Paloma Bouhana, Anne Himmelmann and Jean-Pierre Bertrand.


Goda Palekaitė is a Lithuanian artist living in Brussels, working at the intersection of contemporary art, performance, artistic research, literature, and anthropology. She works closely with figures hailing from remote times and places, inviting them into an uncanny proximity. Through elements of fiction and narrative speculation, she brings a new perspective to the illusion of objectivity that pervades the scientific gaze, by deploying an intimate relationship with history and discursive knowledge forms. 

Goda’s solo shows were opened at Västerås Art Museum (Serpentine Spine 2023), Kunsthal Gent / Editorial Vilnius (The Strongest Muscle in the Human Body is the Tongue, 2021), Centre Tour à Plomb in Brussels (Architecture of Heaven, 2020), Konstepidemin in Gothenburg (Liminal Minds, 2019), and RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv (Legal Implications of a Dream, 2018).

Recently, her performances and installations have been presented at Whitechapel Gallery in London, BOZAR Brussels, Tranzit Bratislava, Swamp pavilion in The Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice, Georg Kargl gallery in Vienna, Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, among others. In 2020 she published her first book of fiction, Schismatics (Lapas books).

In 2019 Palekaitė received The Golden Stage Cross and the Young Artist’s Prize from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Goda holds a BFA in fine arts (Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts), MA in social and cultural anthropology (University of Vienna), Post-Master in artistic research (A.pass, Brussels) and is currently is a Ph.D. candidate at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts.


TH 21 SEP 17:00 Opening
FR 13 OCT 18:00 Reading group on Courtesan Poetry ON RESERVATION
TH 14 DEC 20:00 Screening “Swallower of Shades” by Graham Kelly and Goda Palekaitė FREE