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Expo Visit with Eden Tinto Collins

expo conversations

Expo Visit with Eden Tinto Collins

guided tour conversation
SA 06.04 16:00

Dive with Eden into the realms of imagination — around some sweet treats and tea. A guided tour of this futuristic and trippy exhibition with the artist! Afterwards you can join for Table Talks with Skin Mutts.

Eden Tinto Collins welcomes you to her exhibition 'Roaming the Imaginal', one step in a long collaborative journey. The making of a quantic sitcom, research into orientalist philosophies, 3D modeling and polyphonic composition are all elements that punctuate Collins’ practice. The artist offers to share some glimpses into the processes that gave shape to this exhibition: an occasion to be in touch, connect and immerse ourselves in a vibrational soundscape.

After the guided tour, we'll cozy up in the Beurscafé to have tea, snacks and a chit chat. With a little ice breaker activity, Skin Mutts invites you to have heartfelt conversations. Table Talks is kind of like speed dating. During a 1:1 conversation, you get 5 minutes to talk about a topic suggested by different conversation prompts on cultural identity. When the time is up, you switch partners to start a conversation on another topic. 

Table Talks is open to everyone, but we ask each person to be aware of their identity, privilege and intersectionality when coming into the space. 

Skin Mutts is a platform that redesigns conversations around mixed cultural identities. They create a space for people that exist between multiple cultural worlds : members of a diaspora, second generation immigrants, third culture kids or people of mixed ancestry. Through events, workshops, activities and a magazine, they promote cultural identity issues, such as nationality laws, beauty standards and language barriers.



image 1 | Mariana Machado
image 2 | Skin Mutts