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HE4RTBROKEN is an ‘emo night’ taking place every 3 months in Brussels.

The He4rtbroken team is trying to bring an emotional and progressive club music to Belgium. They introduce an inclusive club culture, challenging expectations from the club and focusing on emotions and reinvention rather than on a specific musical genre. They draw influences as diverse as rnb, ballroom, grime, kuduro, gqom... so quite hard to define. Past line ups included: Total Freedom, Lotic, Kamixlo, Dj Paypal, Palmistry, Endgame, Mechatok…

Why Be 

This unruly dj/occultist makes you wonder about the meaning of life while dancing, and turns every set he plays into a heavy emotional journey. Long-time collaborator of Total Freedom and Elysia Crampton, he has released his first EP "Snipestreet" on Rabit's label Halcyon Veil, definitely one of the deepest sonic objects of last year. "Emotion is the foundation for everything I do" said Why Be and his quote is way too real.


It’s the first time for Mobilegirl in Belgium. She is one of the most talented and playful dj’s out there! Besides being responsible for the best remixes/homages ever made of queens J.Lo and Brandy, Mobilegirl has also produced highly addictive “next-level club” tracks drawing on dembow, kuduro and gqom rhytmic forms.


Detente is arguably the chillest guy ever and, at the same time, the most hyperactive party agitator. He is a key figure in the Parisian scene, radio-hosting an excellent show at Hotel Radio Paris. His dj sets for Boiler Room or Overdrive Infinity have proven him to be the most eclectic, unexpectedly funny and simply brilliant selector of the moment.

Why Be (Germany/Denmark, Halcyon Veil) Mobilegirl (Germany, Staycore) Detente (France, Permalnk) Shift Tides (Estonia, Classical Trax) Nevrland (Ssaliva + Munix) Liyo & STEFF (HE4RTBROKEN team)


About the heartbroken parties in general:

Free for members of Subbacultcha!