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Hors d'oeuvre #5 Dire à Lamine

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Hors d'oeuvre #5 Dire à Lamine

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WE 15.05 19:00

Join our associate artists nadjim bigou-fathi and soto labor to watch and discuss the documentary ‘Dire à Lamine’ in the presence of the Justice for Lamine Bangoura Committee - in conversation with Cases Rebelles collective.

DIRE À LAMINE, 2018, documentary, 72 min, FR ST EN

A film written, directed and produced by the collective Cases Rebelles (Michaëla Danjé and Xonanji)

Conversation in French and English

Vegan meal included

On 17 June 2007 in Paris, Lamine DIENG, like many others before him, was killed by the police. 10 years on, the film ‘Dire à Lamine’ recounts the struggle of his family and the collective Vies Volées, set up by his sister Ramata. How to cope with injustice, with the double wound of a crime and the absence of a trial? How to continue to exist, to fight, to resist? Using interviews and archival footage, family members and supporters address these questions. Personal recollections, political meditations, insights, historical analyses, but also words of love and renewed promises of struggle succeed one another. In counterpoint, a portrait of Lamine appears.


‘Hors-d'oeuvre’ is conceived as a screening programme where nadjim bigou-fathi and soto labor wish to share films they have come across during their research into the Frsh (search for an object in a pocket) project. These screenings will lead to an open discussion between speakers and members of the public. This invitation aims to reflect collectively on issues such as managing our narratives, the conditions under which they are produced and the power relationships they imply. This event is part of nadjim & soto's collaboration with Beursschouwburg as part of the associated artists programme.

On 7 May 2018, a bailiff and two police officers came to evict Lamine Bangoura from his home in Roeselare. The reason for the eviction? Unpaid rent of €1,500. Lamine did not notice the eviction letter in his letterbox. He refused to be thrown out on the pavement and have his belongings taken away by a removal van. The police called for reinforcements. Lamine was subjected to a choke hold and a belly tackle. He suffocated to death as a result of the pressure exerted on his ribcage by five police officers. He was handcuffed, his arms and legs tied with removal straps.

The police officers involved in Lamine's death have twice had their cases dismissed.

Tribute to Lamine Bangoura:


CASES REBELLES is a black anti-authoritarian collective founded in France in 2010. They take part in and co-organise political and cultural events, produce articles and a monthly radio podcast about the histories, cultures and struggles of black people. Their activities seek to combat all forms of domination from an Afrocentric perspective, an approach they call PanAfroRévolutionnaire.

NADJIM BIGOU-FATHI (1990, FR) is a designer, visual artist and performer. He is interested in the emergence of boundaries – from walls to words – and the normative, territorial or authoritarian dynamics that underpin them. Through curatorial, sculptural and performance projects, he examines situations of expectation and anticipation, questioning the power relations between participants.

SOTO LABOR (1993, FR) is a poet, visual artist and performer. Strongly influenced by hip-hop as a means of empowerment, he explores different forms of narrative and performance, while examining the conditions under which discourse is exercised. He produces short stories, fables, poems and rap lyrics as critical tools.


image | Collectif Cases Rebelles