JustJAZZit Brussels #4
Day 4

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Album release concert

EARR (Ensemble Artists Repertoire Research) is the prestigious project of the inventive drummer and percussionist Eric Thielemans. With an array of top musicians he developed contemporary chamber music, nurtured by old and new music, improvisation, jazz, opera, folk, instrumental mastery and electronics. For the composition of his ensemble he set the bar high and approached vocalists Claron McFadden and Jorgen Evrard, trombonist Hilary Jeffery, guitarist Jean-Yves Evrard, Jozef Dumoulin on keyboard, sound artist Kreng and Peter Jacquemyn on bass. Be prepared for an imploring, compelling, take-your-breath-away and mind-broadening musical trip and be one of the first to enjoy this outstanding live scoop.