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JustJAZZit Brussels #4
Craig Taborn


Craig Taborn

WE 15.02.2012 20:30

A musical pariah of jazz.

Jazz pianist and organist Craig Taborn has been working professionally since the nineties in diverse musical contexts, from unadulterated jazz to niche music, both with young jazz musicians and experienced veterans and even techno-artists. In his home town of Minneapolis Taborn studied piano, composition and music theory before going to Michigan University. While still studying, Taborn started frequenting the illustrious Detroit jazz scene. After graduating, Taborn was swiftly recognized as a singular and enormously talented jazz pianist. This led to regular collaboration with internationally famous jazz musicians. In addition, he put his own music on the map both as a solo artist and via a trio. Critics have been looking for the right words to describe the category of Craig Taborn’s avant-garde piano work for some while. Perhaps it’s best to describe him as a musical pariah of jazz.

Graig Taborn (US) piano