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Meine Nacht: Obsequies + Aya + Breakwave [postponed/cancelled]


Meine Nacht: Obsequies + Aya + Breakwave [postponed/cancelled]

release party concert

For the love of experimental sound dynamics and off-beat pulsations.

22:00 - 03:00

The enigmatic sound artist Obsequies releases a new EP on 18 March: Carcass. The former associated artist at Beursschouwburg found an experimental home for this release at Meine Nacht, Breakwave's label. Besides label boss she is also DJ, producer, curator (of the Meine Nacht parties at secret locations in Liverpool) and radio host on NTS. Fellow host from London Aya completes the line-up for an evening of unheard-of sound experiments and genre-bridging sets on which off-beat chaos and outer-beat beauty dance together.

Carcass on Bandcamp
Obsequies on Soundcloud
Breakwave on Soundcloud
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