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Night Lovell + OUNI


Night Lovell + OUNI

TH 09.03.2017 20:30 sold out


Born May 29th 1997 in the eastern Canadian city of Ottawa, 18 year old Shermar Paul, also known as Night Lovell, resides. In the western/nepean part of the city, Night Lovell is a rapper, song writer and producer. Growing up, music was always a part of Shermar’s life wether it be simply listening, or playing an electronic keyboard that he would get for Christmas in his early childhood years. Producing was the kickstart to his music career. Uploading beats to soundcloud every now and then for fun on his free time. Adding vocals to beats were always a dream of his although he never had the confidence to do so. Roughly a year went by uploading beats to soundcloud, and Lovell decided to upload his first track recorded on a beat. Dark Light. A jump start to what he has become today. Some months after this he released his debut mixtape for free on the internet; “Concept Vague”. Since then Lovell has been steady releasing a streamline of new sounds that slowly curate his sound.

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