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O Solitude
Orion Maxted Human Simulation

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Human Simulation unleashes processes related to biology on language to create a world in which different scales are becoming intertwined. This production links the autonomous regulation of human cells to the drama of romance, or the operation of food chains to relations within international politics.  
Orion Maxted's systemic, algorithmic theatre reveals how a group of people thinking together can form a computer, and in so doing arrive at new forms of thought and presentation.   
In stark contrast to the vast complexity of the world we live in, as individual humans, we can consciously handle only a few elements at once. How are we then to think and write about this then, when we are inextricably woven into these systems?  And yet, simple patterns appear to repeat at every level of reality.   
All the great dramas and the most elegant equations only contain a handful of main characters or terms, and from those small-scale geometries made up of only three performers at a time, connections branch out, in an attempt to understand the world.

DOUBLE BILL (€10 for 2 performances, €9/6 each)!!
< Friday 10 March
20:00 Adva Zakai - Last seen standing between brackets
21:00 Orion Maxted - Human Simulation
< Saturday 11 March
19:00 Adva Zakai
20:00 Orion Maxted
21:00 Context programme 'Cybernetic Conversation' with Orion Maxted, Francis Heylighen and the audience.