Peaking Lights & Different Fountains


Peaking Lights & Different Fountains

TH 30.10.2014 20:30

If there’s one husband and wife duo we truly love to pieces, it’s Peaking Lights. After 936 andLucifer the LA based dub-noise psych-pop outfit is treating us to a new batch of undoubtedly lovely tunes with their new record, Cosmic Light. A pretty adequate name, no? The LP is set to be released 6 October on Domino’s sub-label Weird World, and the first single ‘Breakdown’ only makes the waiting tougher. Whilst counting the days, listen again to ‘Beautiful Son’ and ‘Dream Beat’ on that beautiful light-blue vinyl and drift off to the epic vibe lands on these luscious layers of synths.

Peaking Lights (US / dub pop psych)

Different Fountains (BE / junk pop techno poetry)

Interview with Peaking Lights by Samuel Huxley Smith (Subbacultcha!):

ism subbacultcha!