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Volta presents Piffy + Leop4rdi


Volta presents Piffy + Leop4rdi

WE 20.03 20:00

Welcome to the piffiverse! Hyperpop shimmers in nocturnal, fluorescent colours while leop4rdi brings live drums.

20:00 LEOP4RDI
21:00 PIFFY

piffy is not a popstar.
she’s the mother of bats and the daughter of beats, writes smooth melodies and bangs big kicks. the perfect music to dance and cry to at the same time.

leop4rdi effortlessly blends dream pop, synths and post-rock with lush EDM and trance leads. Although high vocals, thick bass lines and pounding drums play an important role in leop4rdi's production, the Belgian producer does not shy away from playful experiments with club-oriented sounds. He is joined live by Omar Hobo on drums.