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Re/defining Masculinities Week
Voice Male


Voice Male

open mic stand up comedy performance
WE 27.11.2019 20:30

Stand-up, slam and performance dealing with multi-masculinity. w/ a.o. Jamie McDonald, Jaouad Alloul, Eric Niyibizi Cyuzuzo, Gijs Hablous & Jihan Imago.

Stand-up artist Jamie McDonald, performer and musician Jaouad Alloul, activist Eric Niyibizi Cyuzuzo, author and political scientist Gijs Hablous and and visual artist and Trans* activist Jihan Imago are descending on the Beurscafé. During Voice Male we’ll give performers, stand-up artists and slam poets 10 minutes on stage to share their vision of masculinity.

We will leave the last slot open for the winner of an open call. The winner is stand-up artist Floyd Ohno.

Hosted by Jad Zeitouni

Part of the Re/defining Masculinities Week