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Deborah Hay Solo


Deborah Hay Solo

film screening
WE 11.01.2012 21:00

In Solo, Deborah Hay attributed equal time and visual prominence to all the elements of the performance, from the dancers and props to the lighting and soundtrack. To accomplish this, she created a score by combining simple choreographic sequences that featured walking as a basic motif. Each performer assumed passive and active poses in turn, strolling around or rolling on carts steered by means of remote-control devices. The carts could also be presented as independent objects endowed with freedom of movement—in this respect somewhat like the performers’ bodies. A series of instructions given to the dancers and cart drivers made it possible to determine the circumstances in which specific choreographic sequences would occur, as well as the shape they would take.

Technological design: Larry Heilos Performers: Lucinda Childs; William Davis; Suzanne de Maria; Lette Eisenhauer; Walter Gelb; Alex Hay; Deborah Hay; Margaret Hecht; Ed Iverson; Julie Judd; Olga Klüver; Vernon Lobb; Steve Paxton; Joe Schlichter; Carol Summers Operation of the remote-controlled devices used to drive the carts: James Tenney (guide); Franny Breer; Jim Hardy; Michael Kirby; Larry Leitch; Fujiko Nakaya; Robert Rauschenberg; Robert Schuler; Marjorie Strider Central control: Larry Helios, Witt Wittnebert Lighting design: Jennifer Tipton, Beverly Emmons (assistant)