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Sana Ghobbeh


Sana Ghobbeh


Sana Ghobbeh is an Iranian-born artist and art researcher based in Brussels. The fusion of architectural reading, interpersonal storytelling and imaginary evocation of a public space in the mind of the spectator is what she aims to explore. Her works comprise an interaction with particular architectural elements where a performer engages with the disrupted urban space and transforms it into an evolving context of engagement. Hence, new narratives are suggested as the modes of the practice while they follow and create moments of interruption simultaneously. The works are reflections upon the urban infrastructures and their sociopolitical features. The semi-fiction narratives, partly visualized by the concurrently installations, give flashbacks to some major social events. Sana studied Architecture in Tehran and received a master's degree in Fine Arts in Sweden. She was part of the research environment of a.pass in 2016 Brussels.

In her residency at Beursschouwburg, Sana works on her long term research "Performing Spaces - an exploration on urban structures and their inner-narratives” that is a quest to evoke a diasporic urban space and it is a story about the interaction of the bodies with these infrastructures. The question is which word and voice best describes the physical experiences of these bodies through a tangible-imaginable sense for the audience and how the artist translates the wonder of intervention which awakens the public space to a poetic script of performance.