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Loucka Fiagan

Loucka Fiagan

Multidisciplinary poet delving into the shadows of our (sub)conscious in search of censored poses, performances, forms, stories, noise and more wonderful abominations.

Our subconscious contains poses, life forms, sounds and stories that we self-censor without realising it. These are the objects of multidisciplinary poet Loucka Fiagan's (he/him) quest. He physically and mentally delves into psychoanalytic shadows until video, audio and words flow from the darkness into the spotlight. Behold, what we forgot we forgot! Don't quite grasp it yet? Good, then you're ready. Let's go.

Loucka Fiagan (1994, BE) is a multidisciplinary poet who, while living in Belgium, dwells in the (collective) subconscious realm and the many stories it holds. There, he gathers, creates and uses text, music, dance in all possible hybrid mixtures to skillfully break conventional art forms, like the surrealist or underground beat bop artists who inspire him. For instance, crafting multimedia performances with Oscar Cassamajor and Castélie Yalombo under the name WDKY, or experimental hip-hop with Vinco Zine under the name The Eskaton 115. He is also part of the Home JAN foundation for art, permaculture and care.

photo by Elena Majecki