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TH 07.03 20:00

Incredible energies from your favourite, melancholic, dreamy, melodic and sometimes yum-yum-808-smooth corners of the musical spectrum.

Alternative hip-hop sensation SPACEBABYMADCHA offers up a dreamy-transcendental flow on catchy productions making them one of the most unique in the Belgian scene. SBM is a multidisciplinary musician, composer, vocal artist and rapper creating around the genres of club R&B, ambient, alternative soul r&b and electronic hip-hop. SBM is mostly known for their energetic live shows, making them one of the most interesting acts on the European Radar.

Nathan Elias is a Belgian-Korean musician, songwriter and composer based in Brussels. His music can be described as electronic, eclectic and is influenced by several different music styles and cultures, which creates this dark and melodic universe with atypical sounds. Elias brings kinetic, vibrant beats and has his own specific vision. He has crafted a stunning live set with a mesmerizing feel.


image 1 | SPACEBABYMADCHA by Ines Bodlović
image 2 | Nathan Elias by cloudshaper