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Stanley Ollivier The Mirror Stand


Stanley Ollivier The Mirror Stand

FR 17.09.2021 20:30
SA 18.09.2021 20:30

Ballroom and contemporary dancer Stanley Ollivier investigates the notion of identity with a mix of seriousness, exaggeration and foolishness.

By looking at the normative discourse across the world and viewing the multiple methods that permit the constitution of an identity, Stanley Ollivier digs into an imaginative sphere, revisits some personal complexes, and interrogates: How within a fixed identity history can we find our ways to express our own specificity within that universality?

Stanley's research on “The Mirror Stand” is continuing. This presentation is the current state of the work with further developments in the future.

Concept, choreography, performance by Stanley Ollivier, consultant: Kopano Maroga, visual by: Kenny Mala Ngombe, video by Koblat Studio, Mary Szydlowska, music by Calvin Carrier.

Thanks to The Iconic House Of Ninja & The Ballroom Scene, Mooni Van Tichel, Rita Alves and Lily Brieu Nguyen

Created in the frame of the MASTER programme STUDIOS at P.A.R.T.S.


Stanley Ollivier is a dancer, performer, maker from Paris, France. Coming from a gymnastic background, he decided to change his path from a need of creativity, and went to study dance and musical in the International Dance Academy Of Paris (AID). He left to continue his studies in Contemporary Dance at the CNSMDP in Paris, and received his Bachelor and Master degree of dance at P.A.R.T.S- Performing Arts Research and Training Studios. His artistic practice stems from the belief that a body has infinite possibilities to generate the unexpected and challenge the abstract, imaginative, and perceptive power of the human body. He is interested in physical investigations, including but not limited to movement. He works around the questions about context displacement, identity, humor, and versatility. 

He has collaborated with multiple artists such as Lasseindra Ninja, Iván Pérez Avilés, Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH), Tatiana Seguin, Studio François Rousseau, Kamel Ouali, Morgan Production, Luis Ramirez Muñoz, Lila&John, Nina Muñoz, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Collective LA 360/Sarah Deppe, Timothé Chams Yadollahi, and etc.  Likewise, Stanley Ollivier is a member of The Ballroom Scene, he is part of The Iconic House Of Ninja in Paris/Brussels.