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closing event
FR 01.04.2022 18:00

A game about living together!

STREETQUEST 1000 is a social artistic action that will take place in six streets between Place de la Bourse and Place Fontainas, from 24 March to 1 April 2022. Every evening a performative intervention from local artists will announce the question of the day. The residents can answer this yes-or-no question by hanging a flag on their window, balcony or door. Yellow is for yes and blue is for no. Every day, from 18:00 onwards, the residents are invited for a free drink at Les Riches Claires. These encounters will generate dialogues about how living together can be created and designed, in order to stimulate new ways of future cohabitation. 

On 1 April, the gathered results of the 8-day action will be presented in a final coming together moment between all participants and everybody who is curious at the Beursschouwburg.

STREETQUEST 1000 is a project from Door to Door (State Of The Arts / Hart boven Hard) in collaboration with Beursschouwburg, Les Riches-Claires, LDC Forum, Chez nous - Bij ons, Masereelfonds, Erasmushogeschool