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Tashweesh festival 2018
Monira Al Qadiri The Trans-Pacific Plant


Monira Al Qadiri The Trans-Pacific Plant

lecture performance TASHWEESH FESTIVAL
SA 20.10.2018 20:30

About the artist’s life-long obsession with masculinity, in relation to beauty, narcissism, escapism, war and access to power.


Monira Al Qadiri (KW) is fascinated by conventional and unconventional masculinity. She was born in Senegal and studied fine arts in Japan because she wanted nothing more than to become a (male) manga character. She first mounted the stage with a performance about this history (creepy male doll of herself included). For the Tashweesh Festival she will create a new lecture performance about the role of gender in Kuwait and Japan.  

As part of TASHWEESH, a 10-day multidisciplinary festival about feminism in the Middle-East, North Africa and Europe. w/ Goethe-Institut Brüssel