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Vitesse CasseCouilles + James & Michelle + Daisy Ray + Joénah


Vitesse CasseCouilles + James & Michelle + Daisy Ray + Joénah

concert album release
WE 25.10.2023 20:00

Some punks made a pop album to make their parents proud and now everyone gets to go to the release party.

20:00 DOORS
20:30 JOÉNAH


Six years after birth, CasseCouilles is only blooming, and they are ready to present their ALP (Almost Long-Playing Record). Vitesse joins hands with Beursschouwburg to present In Bloei, the first record Cassecouilles will put out into the world.

In the early spring of 2017, CasseCouilles sprouted like a silent flower in the distant Ghent student district. After six years of blood, sweat and tears, their melodies remained hidden, a secret kept in the shadows of the Belgian musical horizon. Time had come to rediscover themselves, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

With "In Bloei", their virgin masterpiece, they are now trying to reach the Flemish radio stations. This album, a collection of songs in Dutch, has the power to make even the most adamant hearts dance. They have said goodbye to their punk past and now embrace tenderness in its purest form. With pop and cabaret, they strive to fill their highly sensitive parents with a deep-seated sense of pride. Yet, with this unpredictable gang, the future remains shrouded in a mysterious haze of uncertainty, ready to enchant us with the unexpected...


Michiel Renson and James de Graef are very good friends. They come to play music that is beautiful and hard, like life.

Daisy Ray’s sonic universe is wild, bitter sweet, serious business — to give and to receive. Through an intuitive playfulness she shares her love for dancing, club culture, cinematic characters and nursery rhymes. Imagine a melancholic heart and a spirit wired to the sun caught up in a storm. 

Joénah is a harmonic sisterhood, eternally traversing a floating bridge allying two homelands.  Devotedly roaming through their etheric in-between world, in search of the dots to connect.  Audia & Dede find inspiration from the traditional music of Java, the Indonesian island where their mother grew up. Lyrics complement their songs with the sincere directness of the Dutch language. 

Vitesse is a dynamic production company based in Brussels. Their films span genres like documentaries, fiction, music videos, installations and experiments, while o challenging mainstream media and cultivating collaborations with like-minded artists.



image Daisy Ray by Joeri Thiry