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SA 10.03.2018 22:00

Some basses. Some high pitches. Some needs.

Nene H - live - (Bedouin Records, TR/DE)
Luz (Room 4 Resistance, DE)
Soumaya Phéline (HNL)
Handless (HNL, Beyond)
Davon (HNL, Luvgang)

High Needs Low is a collective originally formed in 2008 with the desire to challenge the boundaries of a conventional club night. Raising the environment to the same level as the musical dynamic, considering scenography with an arty approach through lighting and projections in order to settle a clear interaction between the audience, the space and the music. The result is a unique experience as individual sensibility is highlighted and every single person from the crowd is considered as an active and necessary element of the night. In front of our own bewildered eyes, magic is happening.

High Needs Low was back on track in September 2017. As part of our focus programme The Future Is Feminist, Soumaya brought up a killer night with Stellar Om Source, Elena Colombi, Marylou and Violet. They’re glad to be back with two special guests :

Nene H. will perform live for the first time in Belgium. Berlin based Beste Aydin has achieved notable acclaim as a classically trained pianist, yet her latest project sees her transform into a different creature altogether. Accessing a somewhat darker, transcendental state, her live performances as Nene H. evolve around hypnotic electronic music. Her mysterious yet powerfully physical sound contains elements of drone, orient, industrial, psychedelic, vocal, dark wave, noise, experimental and techno. She released on Bedouin Records, the cassette tape imprint SEAGRAVE & Beatbude.

The second guest is Luz DJ, one of the early High Needs Low co-organizers. Resident and activist for Room 4 Resistance (a Berlin-based queer femme forward collective focused on community building and creating safer spaces and visibility for underrepresented artists in dance music) who just made her CTM Festival/Panorama Bar debut. Travelling around the world to DJ, curate panels or to organize workshops and initiations, it completely makes sense to warmly welcome her craft and skills, back where it all started, 10 years ago. Expect sense and sensibility with a special focus on building narratives through sound at the intersection of house, techno, electro, bass, and everything in between.

Residents, Davon, Handless DJ & Soumaya Phéline will take care of the warm up & the closing. Scèno by Soumaya. (Flash the dj, if you can.)