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Origami Classics: Quatuor Eliseos - 4 tranversale fluts


Origami Classics: Quatuor Eliseos - 4 tranversale fluts

SU 25.09.2016 15:00

Origami Classics is back with more surprises for this fourth season! We’ll start with the quatuor Eliseos, 4 young musicians, ready to explore with you the secrets of contemporary music!


They’ll be introduced by our beloved Michel Lysight, who will give you a hint about the program with his funny anecdotes.

The quatuor will play pieces of Edwin Clapuyt, Eugène Bozza, Luigi Gianella, Michel Lysight. Wanna know more? Listen to Jour d’été à la montagne by Eugène Bozza


MUS-E Belgium, member of the 'International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, was founded in 2000 as a non profit organisation specialized in artistic activities for children. It works as a platform for professional artists of all disciplines willing to experience their artistic research in other fields such as teaching, social activities or creative activities, in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

Four workshops will be held this year for kids willing to explore their sense of creativity and develop their artistic skills. More details very soon!


Jour d’été à la montagne, Eugène Bozza
I. Pastorale
II. Au bord du torrent
III. Le chant des forêts
IV. Ronde

Arcanes, Michel Lysight
En trois mouvements

Quartet en Sol Majeur, Luigi Gianella
En trois mouvements

Abydos, Edwin Clapuyt
I. Le temps
II. Souvenance
III. Le mouvement

With Caroline Gamba, Yorick De Bruycker, Fabien Bogaert& Maud Leroy